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The Secrets Behind A Healthy Body

Many types of conditions cannot be treated just with pills or with surgery. The treatment starts like this, but if you want to recover, you need to do more hard work. Also, in some moments in life you can experience different types of pains, not because you are ill, but the human body tends to deteriorate while it ages. Physiotherapy can be your answer, your salvation, in so many moments and it can help you regain your health like no other treatment.


Who can benefit from this therapy?

Clapham Physio welcomes patients of all ages, from the small infants to the eldest of us, every one of us who is suffering from pain or cannot move properly can benefit from physiotherapy. The most common patients are the ones who suffer from neck or back pain, general pains or injuries caused by sports. The physiotherapists know everything about bones, joints, ligaments and muscles and they know how to treat all problems related to them; but some physiotherapists can help you deal even with your incontinence or with the pains caused by pregnancy.

How does it work?

The best physiotherapists have two important purposes: to treat your problem and advice you on how to stay healthy. They will relieve your pain and help you restore the movement of your joints. Preventing further problems is an important part of the physiotherapy and your therapist will teach you everything about this.