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Different Types Of Ear Infections

Ear infections can be common if people do not pay attention to cleaning the ear wax. There are different kinds of ear infections and doctors suggest different treatments after diagnosing the problem. Now, there are ppe for audiology also available so that the doctors can stay safe in conditions like ear drainage, lesions, sores, if the skin of the client is injured, handling ear mold impressions, etc.Here are the different ear infections that you should know about.

Otitis media – Otitis media is an infection which is caused by bacteria or viral agent in the middle ear. This infection is mostly seen in children due to Eustachian tube blockage and cold. In some cases, the eardrum bursts, and the pus gets filled in the ear canal. There are different treatments for this problem like antibiotics, and ear drops, etc. If you do not take proper treatment for otitis media then it can create major problems including infection of the other parts within the ear, face paralysis, meningitis, sensorineural deafness.

Acute mastoiditis – Acute mastoiditis is a bone infection that occurs just behind your ear. This is called the mastoid and the bone infection is due to prior acute otitis media. At the starting of this infection, you can suffer from fever, intense pain, hearing problems, and swollen and reddened skin over the mastoid. You need immediate treatment including surgical drainage of the bone, intravenous antibiotics. If you leave it untreated, mastoiditis will convert into a serious condition like blood poisoning, deafness, paralysis, and meningitis of the face.

Infectious myringitis – Infectious myringitis is a swelling of the eardrum which is due to bacteria or virus infection. In this infection, small blisters are formed in the eardrum which leads to inflammation and more pain. In the bacterial infection, you will suffer from fever. Pain-relief medications and antibiotics are the treatments for myringitis infection.