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Secrets Revealed! What to Wear and What Not to Wear to The Gym?

What to wear to the gym – is a question that many new gym goers have on their mind. While there are ample choices available when it comes to choosing the gym clothes, not all choices are right in the true sense. There goes a lot of science in making the right pair of gym outfits – one that is comfortable and capable of absorbing sweat.

man in gym clothes

If you start browsing through the internet looking for that perfect gym wear, you are sure to get hundreds of answers. Here we will touch upon a topic that’s not so rare – what not to wear to the gym.

  1. Cotton fabrics – while these fabrics are very comfortable for everyday wear, remember that they won’t make that perfect outfit for the gym. The reason is cotton clothes absorb sweat, but don’t release it quickly through evaporation. Therefore, you need to ditch your favourite cotton tee for that active fit gym wear made for exercising.
  2. Too tight clothes – While buying your exercise clothes, pay extra attention to the fitting. Never buy anything that’s too tight or too loose. You will feel suffocated in the tight clothes and loose clothes won’t let you exercise freely. Now you understand the importance of that right fit, don’t you?
  3. Ill fitted tank tops – Tank tops look very good and they are comfortable too for exercising. However, did you know that wearing a tank top that is too short can be embarrassing? The reason is quite obvious.

These are just a few clothes that you need to avoid wearing to the gym. Choose the right fit, fabric and colour and you are good to go.

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