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Essential Facts To Know About Krav Maga

krav maga technique

When it comes to self defence and physical training, krav maga is the best technique which is ideal for all age groups. There are many online and offline classes in Warrington which provide sufficient knowledge and training of krav maga at an affordable fee. In Warrington, krav maga training is offered by the best training institutes and one can join them to add to their skills and ensure their safety. This krav maga training usually focuses on offering high level of training in a safe environment, helps in increasing the confidence and improving fitness of the students.

Varieties of krav maga techniques

There are almost hundreds of krav maga techniques which generally include various types of kicks and punches. Some of the common and popular techniques have been described below.

  1. Hammer fist – This is the most common style of defence. Hammer fist means striking with the bottom of your clenched fist. Hammer fist is very simple and easy and can be used as a self defence technique by people of all the age groups and genders.
  2. Headbutt – This style of defence requires intense training. Headbutt is generally an aggressive or forceful push (thrust) of head into the face or body of another person. Cranium, the top most part of head is usually involved in headbutt.
  3. Elbow strike – Strong and muscular elbow is the prime requirement for this technique. Elbow strike means striking or hitting with elbow. Elbow strike is the most common style in self defence; this style can also be used in games like ice hockey and basketball.