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Types Of Addiction Counselling By Psychotherapist

Addiction can cause emotional, physical and mental issues. It includes withdrawal and craving symptoms and increases the feeling of loneliness, depression and anxiety. So, for a healthy life, the treatment of addiction is important. In Bedfordshire, counselling is the best treatment given to the addicts along with some effective therapies. The purpose of the counselling is to understand the reasons of the illness.” quoted a counsellor from www.therapywith.co.uk

There are different therapies used during counselling in Bedfordshire depending on the condition of the patient. Some of them are as follows.

  • Cognitive behavioural counselling: This type of counselling helps in identification of the problematic behaviour and supports you to change the negative behaviour into positive. It increases awareness and treats addiction to drugs like marijuana, alcohol etc. It breaks the cycle of addiction and reduces the reasons of addiction. It also helps the person to recover from trauma and chronic mental disorders.
  • Dialectical behavioural counselling: It helps you to maintain the balance between acceptance and change, so you can live drug-free life. This counselling focuses on how to control unwanted emotions;cravings etc. and sets positive goals. It also helps you to reduce the thinking that encourages addiction.
  • Person-centered counselling: The main function of this counselling is self-actualization. It promotes the development and growth of the client by the self-discovery process. It helps to increase self-esteem and reduces the feelings like insecurity, guilt etc. It depends on empathy, unconditional positive thinking and congruence. Empathy results in sensitive understanding and positive thinking allow them to express their feelings freely.The congruence is to discuss the problem and connect with them.