What Are The Major Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety?

Most of the people still have misconceptions about mental disorders that these are just about the disturbed mental state of the sufferer because these disorders also affect their physical health. Similarly, anxiety is not just about a lot of incontrollable worry but there are a lot of other physical symptoms too that an anxiety patient suffers from in their daily life.

Two major physical symptoms of anxiety:      

Heart racing, lack of breath – The specialists of London consider heart beating at higher speed as the major symptom of anxiety. The patient may feel like their heart is racing too fast that it may burst out. This symptom also results in another symptom i.e. short on breath. Due to faster beating of heart, the body gets short on oxygen and thus the person feels like they are having lack of breath. If you are having these symptoms very frequently then you should visit a professional therapist to treat anxiety in North London.

Constantly exhausted and muscle ache – An anxiety patient constantly feels exhausted and it doesn’t matter if you have slept for entire night or haven’t done any heavy work. This exertion feels like there is no energy in the body and at time patient feels like that they can’t even move even a single step. It also includes muscle ache that means your muscles will pain like you have lifted heavy weights and done a lot of hefty work but in real you didn’t. So, if you have these symptoms then it is highly recommended that you should immediately get an appointment from a professional therapist.

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